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If you wish to contact us by e-mail, please fill out the service request form to help us serve you better. Subsequently, we will contact you by e-mail to confirm receipt of your request and we will tell you when we will be able to contact you by phone about your request. Of course, you can also contact us by phone.

Please note that the receipt of a service request by e-mail does not automatically lead to the acceptation of a mandate and does not commit us in any way. In order to provide our clientele with the highest quality of services, we prefer to establish direct contact with our client. Thus, we will contact you by phone to discuss your request and we will fix an appointment for a first meeting. A written mandate will be signed at this meeting.

NOTICE: Once sent, this form will be treated as confidential (even if it does not engage the beginning of a privileged solicitor/client relationship). However, we cannot guarantee the complete confidentiality of the information transmitted via this form. Therefore, we recommend you do not include highly confidential informations in this form.

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