Civil law

For sound legal advice and effective representation in civil law

Jutras Avocats Inc.: for sound legal advice and effective representation in civil law

Our clients can rely on us for sensible legal counsel and advantageous representation either as plaintiffs or defendants in and out of Court in civil law and related fields.

Our focus is to avoid litigation and ensure sound management of legal risk. To that end, we encourage clients to get in touch with us at the earliest possible opportunity. Certainly, in cases of conflict, solutions other than legal proceedings may be considered, namely, conflict-resolution methods. If legal proceedings are unavoidable or, indeed, if they offer the best course of action, our clients can rely on our wide experience, our ability to put the best case forward, and our strengths as legal strategists to defend their rights.

Our services in civil law

  • Legal notice (draft or response)
  • Drafting and negotiation of various types of contracts
  • Negotiation in civil matters
  • Civil recourses, such as liability recourse, recourse against insurers and other litigation proceedings
  • Collection of unpaid receivables
  • Conflict-resolution methods

"Our approach at Jutras Avocats Inc. is both professional and human. Every client is important and deserves our attention. By calling upon our services, you benefit from our great legal rigour combined with our experience and practical sense to advise and represent you advantageously".