At Jutras Avocats Inc, we specialize in litigation

Our specialty: litigation

Whatever the nature of their litigation, our clients can rely on our extensive experience, common sense, and creativity to advise them judiciously and defend their interests before all civil courts in the province of Quebec.

Our founder, Me Anne-Marie Jutras, has been practicing in litigation for 25 years. Her drive, professionalism, and rigorous work have served her well in litigation cases, including major cases and long-standing cases.

Our approach toward our clients is transparent

Each client is important to us. We take the time to explain to our client the steps involved in the legal process. We work closely with him to develop a strategy that best suits his specific needs. We keep our client informed throughout the whole process. If unforeseen developments occur, which may happen in litigation cases, we let our client know immediately – and we work closely with him to devise a new effective strategy.

"For each situation, we develop and implement effective and durable solutions promptly and cost-effectively."

Our services in litigation

Notre pratique en litige se compose de dossiers relevant du droit civil, du droit commercial, du droit immobilier et du droit de la construction ainsi que d’autres domaines de droit connexes.

Extraordinary recourse

- Provisional, interlocutory, and permanent injunctions
- Seizure before judgment
- Seizure in execution

Litigation in commercial law

- Shareholder or partner litigation
- Oppression remedy
- Derivative claims (on a company’s behalf)
- Franchiser-franchisee litigation
- Litigation relating to commercial contracts
- Recourse for unfair competition

Litigation in civil law

- Civil liability action
- Litigation relating to service contracts
- Recourse for damages for loss of reputation
- Recovery of unpaid accounts
- Many other recourses in civil law

Litigation in construction law

- Claims for payment due on contracts
- Claims for unpaid additional work
- Claims resulting from unforeseen execution conditions
- Claims resulting from delays in work execution
- Claims arising from sureties
- Litigation relating to the interpretation of contractual documents
- Litigation relating to tenders
- Claims for substandard work, latent defects or construction defects
- Recourse with respect to warranty plans

Litigation in real estate law

- Lessor-lessee litigation (commercial lease)
- Litigation involving co-ownership syndicates and co-owners
- Litigation relating to the acquisition of land by prescription
- Litigation relating to a servitude

Litigation regarding intellectual property

- Litigation relating to the illicit use of a trademark
- Litigation relating to the misleading use of names
- Litigation relating to patent infringement
- Litigation relating to copyright infringement

Litigation regarding other legal issues

- Claims for severance pay following termination without cause (for intermediate and senior executives)
- Litigation in insurance law

Our objective: prompt resolution of conflicts and litigation

We know that our clients prefer to avoid the costs and delays associated with the trial process – and we work toward that end. To do so, we rely on valuable professional assets, including strong legal, analytical, and communication skills. While there are occasions when legal proceedings are the most appropriate way of securing our clients rights or defending them against legal action, disputes may often be resolved through mutual agreement. That is why – whenever it is in our clients’ interests – we favour out-of-court settlements.

"Through effective strategies, many disputes and conflicts can be avoided or resolve more promptly. However, if legal proceedings are unavoidable you can rely on us to defend your case with determination, dynamism and professionalism."

We are in favor of preventing litigation

Thanks to our extensive experience in litigation, we can – as a preventive measure – discern situations and conditions that may lead to conflict. As a result, we can advise our clients on the best course of action to follow to prevent conflict and possible litigation. In most cases, it is easier and less costly to work toward preventing litigation than to engage in it. That is why we encourage our clients to consult with us at the earliest possible opportunity and not wait for conflicts to develop.