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Nowadays, effectiveness is definitely a must-have to shine through in an extremely competitive landscape. We understand that and so our commercial and business law practice is based on sound management of legal risk and achieving desired results.

As legal and strategic counselors, we provide our client with personalized, helpful, and courteous service without ever stinting on quality. We are committed to building and sustaining business relationships with our client that are based on trust – in an effort to become and remain his go-to resource for legal and business know-how. Whether we are dealing with commercial law litigation or business transactions, we manage each case based on a comprehensive view of our client’s business situation in order to implement the best possible solution.

Our services in commercial and business law

Litigation in commercial matters

- Shareholder (or partner) litigation
- Oppression remedy
- Recourse for breach of contract
- Recourse for unfair competition or for breach of non-compete clause
- Recourse for unfair competition or for breach of non-compete clause
- Any other recourse of a commercial nature

Legal services in business law and related fields

- Purchase/sale of businesses and/or shares
- Purchase or sale of shares
- Drafting of shareholder agreement
- Drafting and interpretation of various types of commercial contracts
- Incorporation and merger
- Business negotiation
- Business transactions
- Legal counsel on business/commercial issues

Sound management of legal risks is essential to ensure the financial health and sustainability of your business.  Come see us, we will be pleased to evaluate your legal risks and help you restrict them.

Moreover, if a conflict is unavoidable, our clients can count on our solid experience in litigation to advise them on their recourses and represent them with aplomb and professionalism before the courts. Our founder, Me Anne-Marie Jutras, has 25 years of experience in litigation and has managed multiple major cases, including long-standing court cases.

Of course, at times, legal proceedings may be avoided through alternative methods for resolving disputes. If this option is of interest to you, please visit our section on conflict-resolution methods to find out more. résolution des différends pour plus de détails

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