About Jutras Avocats Inc.

Jutras Avocats Inc. is a boutique law firm that stands out in the legal landscape thanks to its personalized and courteous service, dynamic approach, availability, and performance. In its field, the firm is recognized for its rigorous approach and high-quality legal services. Our approach at Jutras Avocats Inc. is both professional and human. Every client is important to us and deserves our attention. By using our services, you benefit from our great legal rigour combined with our wide experience and our practical sense to advise and represent you in your best interest.

Me Anne-Marie Jutras (Barreau 1995)

Avocate fondatrice 

Varied juridical services

Practice areas

Commercial and business law

In business, the right solution must take into account all aspects of your business, far beyond the legal issue.


A good strategy supported by a solid legal foundation allows us to plead your case eloquently and brilliantly.

Construction law

We are well acquainted with the issues in the construction industry and understand the problems experienced by contractors and stakeholders in the field.

Real estate law

Our clients can rely on our know-how and our experience in real estate law to advise them wisely and put forward practical solutions.

Civil law

Our expertise and legal flair allow us to advise you judiciously, whatever the situation, and to guide you towards the achievement of your objectives. 


Dispute resolution

We have extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution methods and we know how to seize the opportunity to resolve a dispute before it goes to court or to put an end to the dispute before it goes to trial.

The advantages of Jutras Avocats Inc.

Why do clients choose us?

We are responsive to the needs of our clients, including small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), business people, and private citizens. We provide wide-ranging and effective legal services in areas such as civil and commercial litigation as well as business, construction, and real estate law. In addition, we specialize in conflict resolution.

Every single one of our clients enjoys personalized and attentive service. All our clients are treated with respect. They can also expect openness, trust, and complete confidentiality. As a boutique law firm, we work with our clients directly. In addition, our size and structure enable us to provide services at competitive and attractive rates. In sum, we take our clients’ needs and means into account without compromising on rigor or quality.

Benefit from professional and efficient services

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A track record of excellence and optimal results

Nous privilégions une approche pratique axée sur l’atteinte des résultats désirés tout en respectant les plus hauts standards d’intégrité et de compétence.  Notre expérience de vingt-cinq années dans les domaines du litige civil et commercial et autres champs connexes ainsi que nos compétences dans d’autres domaines que le droit, telles que les relations publiques et la gestion, nous permettent d’apporter une solution optimale pour chacun de nos clients, en tenant compte de toutes les particularités propres à sa situation.


We keep our clients informed as their cases evolve and let them know of new developments as soon as they occur. If an unforeseen event occurs, we take the time to meet with our client to review the situation and recommend solutions.  


Thanks to our legal experience, skill sets, and flair, we are able to pinpoint areas of concern or potential sources of conflict that escape our clients’ notice, thereby applying solutions designed to prevent specific situations from worsening or conflicts from developing.

Personalized service

At Jutras Avocats Inc., we strongly favor direct client contact and personalized service. We believe communication is crucial – it’s the foundation of all long-term business relationships based on respect and trust. 

History of Jutras Avocats Inc.

With our founder Anne-Marie Jutras leading the way, we have built solid expertise and a track record of success in civil and commercial litigation as well as construction and real estate law. In her first decade of practice at a boutique law firm in Drummondville, Me Jutras acquired extensive and wide-ranging litigation experience. Later, she continued to hone her legal skills at a major law firm based in downtown Montreal before launching her own successful venture. The firm was then known under the name of “Me Anne-Marie Jutras, avocate” and, several years later, became “Jutras Avocats”. Nowadays, our boutique law firm is operating under the name of “Jutras Avocats Inc.”.

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Our law firm, Jutras Avocats inc., is specialized in civil and commercial litigation, business law, construction law and real estate law. We are located in the Sainte-Rose district of Laval. We provide a stimulating and welcoming work environment. We have now two oppenings in our firm and are curently seeking talented and experienced lawyers to join our dynamic team.

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