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Legal services for contractors and other actors of the construction's industry

Jutras Avocats Inc: we offer legal services for contractors and actors of the construction industry

We know about the construction industry and its challenges. Our founder, Me Anne-Marie Jutras has been practising in construction law for nearly 20 years. We understand the concerns of our clients and their reality in the ever changing construction industry. We put our experience and know-how to provide our clients in the construction sector with valuable advice and timely solutions. We take the time to get to know our clients so we can ensure that the solutions we recommend meet their specific needs. Whether they need legal advice, wish to launch legal action or require effective defence against a lawsuit, our clients can expect high-quality services and representation from Jutras Avocats Inc.

Also, in efforts to prevent litigation and manage legal risk effectively, we help our clients implement rigorous work methods that minimize project-related risk and enable them to put the strongest case forward in the event of difficulties or litigation.

Our services in construction law


- Construction defects, latent defects or substandard work
- Litigation involving owners, contractors, subcontractors or suppliers (various cases, including unpaid invoices, work delays, damage-related claims, and non-compliant practices)
- Litigation relating to sureties
Litigation relating to precautionary measures (for example, legal construction mortgages) or execution measures (for example, exercise notice)
– Litige relatif à des mesures conservatoires (hypothèque légale, par exemple) ou à des mesures d’exécution (préavis d’exercice, par exemple)

Legal counsel and drafting of contracts

- Juridical opinion
- Negotiation
- Demand letter
- Termination of contract
- Legal mortgage

"Thanks to our expertise of nearly twenty years in construction law, our deep knowledge of the construction industry and our practical sense, we help you make the right decisions at the right time to achieve the desired results."

Jutras Avocats Inc. offers high quality services in construction law for individuals

Our clients can count on our thoroughness, professionalism, nearly 20 years of experience in this area of the law and our in-depth knowledge of the construction industry to advise them on all matters relating to construction law and the construction industry. représenter devant les tribunaux ou lors d’un processus de médiation ou d’arbitrage.

Our legal services in construction law for private individuals mainly concern latent defects and construction defects. Private individuals often call upon our construction law services to request a reduction in the sale price of their residence (or the cancellation of the real estate transaction) because of latent defects or construction defects affecting their residence or to defend themselves against such proceedings.

Besides, with our extensive experience dealing with cases involving iron ochre, we can provide extremely valuable services to clients grappling with this problem.

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